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The Bop Kats-Here Comes The Fuzz 1961


This is great. A real authentic '50s juvenile delinquent music carried over into the '60s and also their version of "Be Bop A Lu La" and the lead is on a cool Ric with the other guitarist on a Gretsch Jet. Too bad the Gretsch Jet didn't have the lead on it, then again it's cool to hear the lead for this song on the Ric. The Jet player must be small because that Jet is almost as big as he is.


Fair play to the dude playing lead on a little Rick 325,having owned one myself (325V59 reissue) i can tell ya its a difficult little bugger to play lead on,great for rhythm though.

Wish i still had it,sadly long gone ,traded it for a 52 reissue Tele back in 96.


The short guy with the Jet is really stomping up a storm!

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