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The Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band


.. Setting the WABAC machine for the late 60s:

We didn't see it here in the states back then, but The Bonzos were frequent guests on shows like the BBC's Do Not Adjust Your Set, where they bonded with cast member/writer, and future 'Python'; Eric Idle.
Idle and Neil Innes (here parodying Jimi Hendrix with his Gretsch) would cultivate an enduring friendship and collaborate on projects like 'The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash', arguably the first 'mock-umentary', predating 'Spinal Tap' by about 5 years.

The Bonzos were all skilled musicians, if not formally trained. They had a penchant for reworking old jazz tunes, but were more dada than vaudeville. Plenty of subversive British absurdity. I really miss bands like this and the music they made, my other favorite being The Mothers Of Invention.


More Bonzos, with Innes on vocals.


Viv was friends with my Mum, they were art school together in Southend.


From 'The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash' (1978)

Neil Innes did all of the music for this NBC special presentation. The soundtrack LP released features very Beatle-like song parodies throughout their career.

The full doc is available to watch for free on YouTube.
Lots of fun cameo appearances, including Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, several SNL and Python members, and George Harrison.


Viv was friends with my Mum, they were art school together in Southend.

– Mr Tubs

that's so cool to hear! Viv Stanshall was clearly brilliant, and in his own world of creative genius. Gone way too soon.


Don't forget that they played "Death Cab for Cutie" during the strip-tease scene in Magical Mystery Tour.

– lx

I have enjoyed the fact that there is a very successful pop band called 'Death Cab For Cutie' out there now.
An affectionate nod to the Bonzos, yes, but also there is a delightfully subversive Trojan horse element to it.

It's not unlike high school kids putting up stage productions of 'Hairspray'.
Oh yeah, introduce teenage kids everywhere to the works of John Waters. Please go right ahead.

I do love that.


Love me some Bonzos! This was always one of my favorites:

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