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Hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you yet another video shot together with my friends.

Tear in heaven by Eric Clapton, arranged for fingerstyle guitar by the great Dancholloway.

Hope you like it.

Dave do not take it, this video was shot a few weeks ago .............


Very nicely played version of a lovely tune from all three of you :). I enjoyed that a lot, thanks for posting it.


That's very, very pretty Paolo. And I do hear passion when you play through that nice lick, that's part of the song's signature. Your playing here, along with the nice accompaniment captures this songs essence perfectly.

BTW, that acoustic has a nice tone to it - strength from the bottom end without sounding boomy - and it's very pretty too. What's the make and model?


Very nicely played Paolo.


Lovely playing, Paolo. You and your friends did a great job with that song.

Your guitar appears to be a spruce/rosewood Taylor, but I don't know the model name.


GRAZIE MILLE guys!!!!!!

The guitar is a Taylor 814 CE 2011, really beautiful, those of Taylor know how to build acoustic guitars.

However, much of the work it also does my amp, a Rivera Sedona lite.

Purely valve combo for Acoustic Guitar, strongly desired by DOYLE DYKES.

The most fascinating thing about this amp is the anti-feedback circuit.

a really useful gem for the fingerstyle player.

It also has a BALANCED input, and Taylor guitars have the BALANCED output.

So marriage is perfect.


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