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Swingy Boogie cover(MARCEL DADI)-VIDEO


Hi everyone, summer begins to get close and beautiful days are too tempting to stay closed in the house. I decided with my friends to go outdoors, ...... here's the result. HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

We used acoustic strings (two of my guitars): Martin D18 embraced by Pippo and Taylor 814CE from me. Sergio opted for just a snare, one of his many.

MARCEL DADI was really a great musician !!!!!


Toe-tapping fun, for sure!


Cool ,i enjoyed that Paolo!


Now that's what I'm talking about Paolo!.....the feeling, the jive that playing from memory gives your music. This performance is all feel and it has to be to sound right and you guys nailed it! You can't swing when you read! Marcel would be proud. This playing from memory moves your performance up a few notches. Congrats.


Thanks to all the kids, we are glad that you appreciate this. We love music, and I specifically guitar in all its shapes and facets with particular focus on fingerstyle !!!! I found some great friends who support me with professionalism and elegance ...!!!!


You rule Paolo, that was just great on so many levels!


nice! & no slight to the guitars, but that drummer(sergio) is dynamite...

i like this one too



That was perfect!

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