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Stray Cats “40” new Song - Cat Fight


Haha yeah thought about your quote when I saw that. Sorry for not believing He even talks with Lee about TVJones pickup magic he had done to it

– ChimingBell

No, it was lx with the fine ears who recognized the Dyna Jet


Awesome recording studio footage and behind the scene talk!

– ChimingBell

Thanks for posting this! Now I'm even more jazzed.


The clips in that little video sound like the best of the Cats of old, and it's great to see Peter Collins in the Big Chair.

I have high hopes for this album and it looks like I won't be dissapointed.


I hope this video spurns Joe to bring a Brian Setzer Sparkle Jet Signature model to the roster. I would like the first one because I am 100% #gretschmafia :)

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