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Sting - If You Love Somebody


Even though not too much of a Sting fan as a solo artist and I much prefer The Police, I thought I'd post this video. Everyone knows this song but it's worth posting as it's an awesome song and kicked off his very successful solo career. He was huge as a solo artist in the '80s and '90s.

Was listening to Jonsey's Jukebox, and Jones was mentioning how the 80s was the decade that solo artist were big and that's true, Sting is just one example as well as Phil Collins.

This song was recorded before he got his sideman and guitarist named Dominic Miller.

Never saw Sting in concert as a solo artist but saw him with The Police as they reformed in 2009. That was an amazing concert and String and the boys were in top form. I saw Andy Summers as a solo artist at the Baked Potato in Studio City (or is it Universal City) a few years prior so it was a treat to see him twice as a solo artist and as a Police.


Big Sting fan here. And while I love the Police, I prefer his earlier solo stuff- up through Ten Summoner's Tales.

I have the video "Bring On The Night", and it's a wonderful look into the formation of that first solo band, and first concerts. Pop star + jazz musicians w/improvisation = awesome.


Mixed feeling on Sting. Hell of a talent, but his attitude leaves me cold. He played our theater, had a ton of odd demands on his rider, and started well over an hour late. Our shows ALWAYS start at eight, and the audience knows it. He was ticked because nearly half of the audience had left and demanded a refund.


If I didn't listen to music artists based on their attitudes or political leanings my ipod would be very empty.

Starting over an hour late... now that's unacceptable, and prima-donna. Unless he had a good reason? (like he was throwing up, or was somehow delayed by forces beyond his control)? If not... he's an a-hole.


No, he was getting a massage and just hanging out in his dressing room. I like The Police, and I like hi solo work, but to take an audience of 6,000+ for granted is just wrong.


Fortunately when I saw The Police they started on time. Elvis Costello opened for them which was a really big plus.


Fortunately when I saw The Police they started on time. Elvis Costello opened for them which was a really big plus.

– ThePolecats

Back then, I'm surprised they didn't start early and turn a 90-minute set into a 45-minute one, with all the blow they were doing...


I saw him about the time he had Marsalis in his group, before I knew who Marsalis was. It was a rough night at the old barn.

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