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3 Way Switch Problem/Question


This is another post about the early 60s Kay Jazz II I recently purchased. Both the neck and bridge pickups sound strong individually, but when the selector switch is set to the middle position, the volume drops by 50% or more. The sound in this position is vary nasally, so probably more bridge than neck. I'm wondering if there is a problem with the wiring, or if there could be an issue with the switch? Since it's a vintage hollowbody I've been reluctant to take it apart to inspect the wiring, fearing that the cool original clear plastic knobs will break while trying to remove them.


If you turn one of the pickup volume controls down (when in the middle position) does the volume come back to normal? If so your pickups are out of phase.


Yep, what Mr Vegas said. Not too hard to flip the magnets in one of those pickups.


It could even be that the wiring on one pickup is reversed at the switch.


It could even be that the wiring on one pickup is reversed at the switch.

– wabash slim practice with these pickups, no. They have a gibson style braided shield wire, so if you reversed that you'd get hum.


Thanks Charlie, I'll try what you suggested tonight and see what happens.


Charlie and others - I finally got to try your suggestion, and it worked! I flipped one of the magnets in the neck pickup and now everything works like it's supposed to. It was an easy fix thanks to everyone's input here. Thanks again!!!

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