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So the movie I was in is finally done…


Here is the final cut.. 28 minutes of exciting cinema gold. It is being submitted to film fesitvals now

No Collateral is the name of it.

Blurb: "A Father seeks revenge when his son is killed in Jail. There are two people he holds responsible . The Bail Bonds Agent, and the Rookie Officer that arrested his son. A game of Cat n Mouse begins when Mr. Miller turns from a all american dad, to a cold-blooded psycho. Written & Directed by Rob Hawk, Co Written & Directed by Hollywood director Joe Tornatore, starring STEVIE INQUE, CABRINA COLLESIDES, & BILLY D. LIGHT. Co-Starring Jefferson Sanders & Jason Fanning . Supporting Roles Joseph Storch & Quadasia Hatcher . Cinematography by Rob Hawk, Craig Hanna & Joe Storch. Production Assistants NIGEL Jackson and Veronica Goodman. Soundtrack provided by The Rob Hawk Project - "BACK DOWN" ft. Frank Fingaz !"

Fun Fact: It was shot with $0 budget and the script is totally improvised.

So if you've got a half hour to kill check it out.

Your critiques are welcome..

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I remember viewing the clip you shared before, nice to see the whole thing. Good on ya, Billy! Well done.


I'm downloading it now to watch after I eat dinner. Yes, it is 4:00 P.M. EST, but we old folks eat early.


" We got us a Mexican standoff here, boys"... Thats a goodin Billy


Cool Billy, can't wait to watch it.

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