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Slammin’ Gladys New Single “Dragon Eye Girl”


We got the band back together!

Slammin' Gladys was the band I toured the USA with back in the 1990s. I'm the drummer. After 25 years we got together last summer and recorded a new album. Our first single "Dragon Eye Girl" is released today. You can buy the Jib Machine Records CD or download it on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and CD Baby and stream it on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and others. Spread the news, tell all your friends and turn it up!

Spotify - Slammin' Gladys "Dragon Eye Girl"


Here is our guitar player JJ Farris in the studio with his 1955 Duo Jet.


I saw the name Slammin' Gladys and thought that sounds like my kinda girl. Then, dammit, it turns out to be a rock band! On the upside, I did enjoy the music. Nice one BuddyH.


I like You guys wrote it, or one of you?


Thanks! Our singer Dave and our guitar player JJ wrote this song.

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