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Shuggie’s You Tube Channel - Tone Twins TV


Hi everybody

It's been a long time coming but my buddy Ed Oleszko and I are launching our You Tube channel tomorrow - Friday 31st May.

It's mainly devoted to vintage guitars and amps, and some classic pedals too from time to time.

Rather than straight ahead gear demos - because admittedly neither one of us can play like Greg Koch or Phil X - we'll be focusing on the historical and technical aspects, as well as discussing modding options and performing comparison tests.

There will most certainly be Gretsch content, and my 6120 conversion features heavily in our first video. But there'll be Gibsons, Fenders and a load of classic American and British amps too.

We're calling this Tone Twins TV and here's a short taster video. Hope you enjoy it...


Best of luck, I'll be watching.


Cool taster! I can't wait to see the real stuff! Good luck!


I clicked the the Sub and Like buttons. Best wishes for success!


Oh man, this looks great! And a guest Sheltie to boot! Who is that good looking pup? Congrats on the new channel, Shuggie! I also subscribed and liked, and will be watching for sure! Digging the logo too!


That's our Iolo (pronounced eee-oh-low) Metman and he's no longer a pup sadly. He'll be 12 at the end of next month

Thanks again fellas. The video coming out tomorrow is a feature on my all time favourite amp - made in 1951...


Well here it is...

Our first video - and it's all about the Fender 5A3 Deluxe. Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to subscribe and comment.


Shuggie! I loved it. I should be working but decided to watch this instead. I actually learned a lot about the 5A3 that I didn't know. Me being a 5E3 fan, perhaps have to get one of these too! Very nice sounding amps!


Thanks Danman - well you know where I am


Shuggie, I believe it was you that started the good grooming thread years ago? I always pictured you as an older gentleman with a beard smoking a cigar!


I am an older gentleman - but that portrait I keep in the attic has taken a bit of a kicking


Excellent info, Shug! These are things I need to know. Also, nice pickin’.


I loved the "Leo Fender was frugal" line, he was just typical of the generation who lived through the depression.


Too true Mr Tubs and thanks Mr Howard


I liked it. Três geeky for an old Marshallist but still interesting. The technical production was decent too. Kudos!


Shuggie, totally forgot I watched and meant to tell you lol. What in Svansea was I thinking? I are liking and subscribing

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