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Setting Up A Duo Jet On YouTube


I had it on in the background and couldn't listen anymore... Seems like a nice enough guy but the process has many flaws. I understand there are many ways to set up a guitar but that isn't how you remove or minimize frets nicks and maintain the proper radius. He marked the frets then used a flat file to remove the nick leaving a low flat spot, there's no way you can do 1.5 step bends and not fret out.


Curt, yeah my understanding he is really a hobbyist at this even though he charges. I mean he's doing this for a job but really is a hobbyist as he started out that way.

I agree seems like a nice enough guy but I don't care for his profanity.


Dave always makes me cringe a bit even though I enjoy his videos. Nice Electromatic


Dave always makes me cringe a bit even though I enjoy his videos. Nice Electromatic

– BorderRadio

Oops I was an Electromatic not a Duo Jet. I only saw a few seconds and was going to watch the rest later.


I'm not sure what the issue is: he made a point of verifying the radius and stated that he had a radius block. The (used) radius block can be seen at approximately 9:15 in the video after a few apparent passes. Once the depth of the fret wear was apparent, he then switched to the sanding beam to level the frets, and followed up with the radius block again, as can be seen at 10:00 in the video. The only file I saw was his crowning file.

Maybe not how I would have done it, but nothing particularly cringe-worthy there. Other than the fact that the bridge base had previously been 'fixed' with what appeared to be drywall screws, that is.

Dave has done some good videos over the years, and does a lot of work for pros in the Toronto area. Other than the inevitable repetition, the only real criticism I have for his videos is that his editing tends to make things look easier than they really are.

If that's an Electromatic, I'll take ten. It's a 6128T.

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