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Saturday Night Shuffle cover (MERLE TRAVIS)-VIDEO


Saturday Night Shuffle by the Master Merle Travis, arr. by Marcel Dadi.

I and Sergio here, we used: -Fender american vintage 52 #telecaster (Pure Vintage) -Fender #TwinReverb amp -LP #Cajon Kevin Ricard signature -Zoom H6 -Cad, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, MIC.

From the next video on, I hoped to take advantage of my memory for execution.



very good, Paolo !!! you both look like you are having a lot of fun playing that song.


Awesome job. I would like to hear something you've done with that Rivera sitting behind you.


Nice job Paolo. If I were to have listened to this without seeing you playing, I'd have said there was something different about how it sounds.....a bit more jump and subtle syncopation. I put the reason for it being present is thyour body's movements as you play...really getting into it. That's not always present in your up tempo numbers. The more you get away from reading, the more this will come out in your playing, especially up tempo tunes like this one.

As you have your L5, I'd like to hear this played on that as it's very close to Merle's Super 400 in tone. It has that big woody tone only an archtop can give. The Tele just can't produce the tone for Merle's songs, regardless of what amp is used.

I liked your little here and there variations on the original tune. They fit in very well and help make the song your own.


-Grazie Sgt Rock, music is the best entertainment I have!

-Grazie Enis, which Rivera do you speak of? Sedona or Chubster? On my YouTube channel there are many videos where I use these amps.

-Grazie Dave, In fact, this track, I had in mind to do it with my Gretsch 6122-1959 with the new Gretsch Supertron vintage pickup, but I wait for my new amp with the 15 " speaker to emphasize those basses that we like a lot.

this arrangement is based on that of the great Marcel Dadi, where in a famous video he uses an adamas ovation from the "piezo sound", sound that many love and many hate.


Cool,love Merle ,would love to hear your L-5 on this too sir!


Thanks for the information Paolo. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I appreciate your work.


Very nice Paolo as always, great sounding Tele !


Grazie Ragazzi, I'm glad you like it; I dedicate a lot of time to the sounds .... !!! Of course, with the L5 the medium-low range assumes the right importance, but also with the gretsch 6122-59 in my opinion, the new vintage Supertron is scary !!!!


Fantastico Paolo" Great sound and laid back feel.Like the sound from the bass strings using your thumb and not a thumb pick maybe seems to flow and sound good especially on the Tele still getting the Travis thumb.


Always entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

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