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Ring of Fire solo arrangement (Chet/Travis Style)


Hey guys,

I managed to sit down last week and get a good take of an arrangement of 'Ring of Fire' I have been working on. Using the tape echo on my strymon timeline.. normally I would use my el capistan but I blew that up by plugging the wrong power supply into it! Doh.. Anyhow, enjoy!


Very nice Adrian! Very clean playing.

– Windsordave

Cheers man, I often try to record these when they are fresh, but I’m finding if I let them sit for a bit they come out so much better!


Pretty cool Adrian!

– JCHiggy

Thank you very much!


Well done, I love that song, thanks


Well done, I love that song, thanks

– 949Norm

Thanks norm!


Man, You've got mad skills. Love the sound.


Well done. Nice tone and effects.

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