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Red Hot Chile Pepper Penguin sighting


Wow.... no interest in a White Penguin?


I've seen this one and several like it before. They must do it at every show. It's a very cool interaction between the two of them. You can see the intensity ion their faces as they get started then they get real intense and then back down and start over. What a great ride.

The Chili peppers are freakin' awesome! And yes, nice Penguin.


They are my son's second favorite band. His favorite is the Beatles. I took him to see RHCP at the FedEx Forum in Memphis. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. It was my son's first rock concert. Josh Klinghoffer was the perfect replacement for John Frusciante. He is also an excellent singer. And Flea is..... well, he's Flea. Awesome chemistry between those guys. Thanks for posting!

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