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Quilter Labs Prototype Steelaire Amp Demo - Pedal Steel Amp


I shot quite a few video demos at the LA Amp and Custom Guitar Show in Los Angeles this weekend. The first video I hvae put together is of this new Pedal Steel Amp called the Steelaire. Quilter amps are all solid state with the tone of a tube amp using Class D technology.

Pat Quilter from Quilter Labs --Guitar Amplifiers- demonstrated the new prototype Steelaire pedal steel amp. It is a 200 watt super clean amp with a 15" Neodymium Speaker and only weighs 35 pounds.

Pat uses a 50's Fender double neck lap steel to demonstrate the bell-like tones you can get from the Steelaire. Pat plays the beautiful lap steel song, "Sleepwalk".

Let me know your thoughts, much more to come from 65 Amps, BC Audio, GMP Guitars, Two Rock, and Sweetwood Guitars.

YouTube Demo of Steelaire



Man, I thought when I got my Quilters, that my GAS for amps would be dead. Apparently not -- I can only imagine how nice my Gretsches & Nationals would sound through this massive clean machine. The reverb tone & control over trem rate are also VERY welcome additions.


200 watts with a 15" speaker and only 35 pounds!?! Brilliant!


The Neo Mag speaker really helps accomplish that weight for sure.


I'd like to hear a steel..you know, a pedal steel...with a pedal steel player going full out to really hear what this can do. I mean, Sleepwalk was very nice, but let's hear some big, fat, steel.


I loves me some Randolph, but it may not be exactly what Deed had in mind, John.


Hopefully as these amps release to the public we will see more demos of the amp with different songs and situations. We are hoping we can get Pat on our radio show too so maybe we can do something live on air there and also demo their guitar amps.

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