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Putting the funk into early Motown: Joe Messina interview


I love early Motown and enjoyed this interview with Funk Brothers guitar player Joe Messina. They get into the question of studio gear around 11.30. No fancy amps, just a 'homemade" five-channel mixer amp that three guitar players and the bass all plugged into it. Looks like something out of a WW2 submarine!


Thanks for the video. Always liked his playing. Jazzers always make the best guitarist for old school rock, pop and R&B. Think of Joe Messina and think of Franny Beecher. Jazz guys applying their skills to music outside of their field of specialty. Like his guitar. I knew from a previous interview it had a JM neck on it but it is good he talked about it. I recall some years back I think there was a Fender Japan sig model of his guitar.


I look forward to this, thanks!

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