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Probably No One On The GDP Likes The Beatles


Thanks for the heads up,RickyBob!


Im a fan of the shitty beatles


Decca Records thought they weren't going to amount to much, as "guitar groups are on the way out" in 1962.

I'd say they got over that rejection.


I've heard of them.

They'll be going somewhere.

– crowbone

Nahhh … guitar groups are passe! (at least according to a noted British record company exec).


They will NEVER make it with that name. It really bugs me.


I love the part where it's revealed that The Beatles were really from New Jersey. The whole Liverpool connection is actually Liverpool, NY where Ringo used to paint his face orange before Syracuse games, BUT........ 3 of the 4 where all from Hoboken.

Now since you all know my genius, I will reveal all of my truths about Roswell and Area 51 later in the week. I was abducted by Aliens outside of Twin Peaks Washington where I introduced them to golf just as we traveled out of the wormhole. I told them that our sun is call Lucy in the sky, and Earth is one of it's diamonds!


Shine on, you crazy diamonds!


Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

– Parabar

Um. Wrong band.


Actually- watching it right now.... KCTS, the PBS station in Seattle didn't start the show until 10:30..

WUPS! That's the Sgt Pepper doc.... damn. missed the movie and now I have to see if it's gonna be available on demand.


I saw it for the second time last night. The highlight for me was just how hard they rocked in late 1963 at the Manchester show and in Feb. 1964 at the Washington Collosium show, in sharp contrast to the later shows in the bigger venues where they stopped enjoying the experience and were just going through motions. Loved the movie but I am not a fan of the badly colorized footage, though.


We watched last night. Always fun to see new footage. Growing up, Larry Kane was our Philadelphia TV NewsCaster. He did the Evening News, 6 and 11pm. I knew that part of the story, but it made it more real. Chaotic gets old pretty quick.

We have been PBS donors for decades, there needs to be a better way than to add 10 minutes of Fundraising every half hour...it ruins the telecast.


Good show. My daughter popped in and out during the show as she worked on an assignment and got to see some of the experience. It was cool listening to her sing along with some of the songs and actually knowing the words.


As you will Imagine, I loved it in the Theater when it first was shown, and loved it even a bit more last night. What added to the fun was an online Facebook stream that I started where my BeaTle Friends from all over the Universe joined in real time to post their thoughts. One of my friends noted that most of us in that stream owned the DVD (we both do) and still watched on the TV.

What to me came through so clearly is just what an excellent Band those Boys created. And, at least for a time each of them loved each of the others. Still just magic for me. These happy mates coming hard on the heels of the misery of the assassinations and live time killing of the murderer with THAT music was just heavenly. For me, there also was the relief from my parents's divorce craziness that made the music of The BeaTles brilliant and wonderful.

This movie has enough of the footage of that Magic that I love it, just love it, even with all of the "wish they hadn't" and "wish they had" issued.


There was a lot of photographs and film footage in that movie that I had never seen before. And I thought that I had seen a significant amount of photos and footage from prior sources.

I was also impressed by how George Harrison's vocal was used on some songs. Clearly, Lennon & McCartney worked up the lead and primary harmony vocals between themselves, which is understandable given that they composed the songs and spent some time working them up together before presenting them to George and Ringo. But, I liked how Lennon would occasionally change from a lead melody part to a middle harmony part and allow George to take the lead vocal, if only for a line. Then George would step back and Lennon would regain the lead vocal. It was all about what made for a good song.

One had to smile when Ringo talked about Vox having made huge amplifiers for their final tour (where they played stadiums and the din was so loud that they needed large amps to fight to be heard), only to hear him say that those amps were all of 100 watts. Pretty puny by today's standards. Also, the use of the loudspeaker system at ballparks (such as Shea Stadium) had to have given the audience a pretty horrible sonic experience.

It was nice to see the guitars in those films, as well. There was one interesting moment where an acoustic guitar (most likely McCartney's Epiphone Texan) actually fell over on the stage as they were playing up at the front of the stage.

While I didn't object strenuously to the colorization of some of the footage, it was occasionally pretty poor colorization, in my uneducated view. The colors were not natural in some. I certainly would not have minded watching them perform in black and white as that was the standard for the day.

I also watched a bit of the second program dealing with Sgt. Pepper's, but I believe that I had seen it before on YouTube and so it didn't really hold my interest as well.


Bob, Dennis, my guitar teacher, also is a student of the BeaTles. He is one of the few folks I know who understands when I say that I have listened to George's voice to such an extent that I can "hear" it in those early songs when John viewed George solely as "our guitar player." The songs are wonderful as we received them. But, that extra harmony part would have been sweet, too.

P.S. Would someone PLEASE illuminate me on the process to quote only PART of a post. I have asked before but gotten no responses. oamfuchs@aye.net so the rest of us aren't bored with old news. XX OA


I would like to know how to do that also. I thought I was a smart guy but . . . .

  1. Copy the portion of the text you want to quote.
  2. Type the "greater than" sign (usually on the same key as a punctuation period is found).
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  6. Then drop down below that and begin your own post.

Look at what I found lookin for Tim's Announcement. (I'd love a link, folks.)


Weren’t they the band that tried to be like The Monkees?

– Bob Howard

The Who?......


any specials to watch about the beatles before the hippie disease destroyed them?


any specials to watch about the beatles before the hippie disease destroyed them?

– TheNocturneBrain

Can’t remember where I saw it, but I watched an hour doc about the making of “Hard Day’s Night” and I thought it was great.

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