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About a year ago my band entered a contest for a radio talk show.... we had to create a tune based around some lyrical guidelines.
We put this together in about an hour. At the time I was in so much pain with TMJ I couldn’t open my mouth to eat. We came close to winning the contest and a hep of cash. It was fun but by nature on the political side. Can’t believe it has this many views! Playing my Gretsch resonator.


Smells Like Sulphur? Definitely got something there. All those hits can't be wrong. Y'all connected for sure. Congrats, Hipbone & Co!


Looks like y'all had fun. Cool!


A little bit political....


Smells Like Sulphur? Definitely got something there. All those hits can't be wrong. Y'all connected for sure. Congrats, Hipbone & Co!

– jeffed

“Smells like Sulfur” It is reported that “Demons” have a sulfur like smell to them. I know it’s a political song, it was for a contest put on by Alex Jones. One of my band mates is a big fan of his show. It was fun. I just look at this and remember how much pain I was in. Luckily the demons have left my jaw!


... and my intent is not to start a political debate. I might suggest that if anyone has a “retort” to put it in the format of a song.


Well, this is rubbing right up against my "no politics, no religion, no great pumpkin" rule.

I'm going to leave it up because (a) there is Gretsch content (b) one of our own is performing in it and is proud and because (c) by his own admission, Alex Jones is a performance artist, not a political commentator.

That is not to say the video represents the views of me or the site as a whole, and any discussion of the lyrical topics contained therein will have this shut down immediately.

I also find the timing of the posting to be more than slightly unfortunate, given the events of this morning.


When it's a song the last thing I think about are politics. I'm as anti political as it gets and I think the tune's a hoot.


Thanks Curt! Our use of satire was intentional.


This is a self satirizing song?

It is really not in any way serious, or intending to convey a message of any sort?


Is someone really going to try and argue there is no message here?

Sheesh, I'm about the least political/religious/idealistic/ENTER-DENOMINATIONAL-GROUP-HERE around these parts, but...really?!?


Who is Alex Jones and what events are you talking about?


Who is Alex Jones and what events are you talking about?

– Curt Wilson

Google him. I do not intend to be rude, but I can't quite find the words.


I was completely bemused by the reaction until...now.


Here is the strangely named 'performance artist' who has the radio show mentioned in the initial post.


Here are some of his agendas.(copied from wikipedia) as you can see he is in no way political.

Particularly insightful as to his true character and agenda is the last paragraph.

Jones during a 9/11 Truth movement event on September 11, 2007, in Manhattan Mainstream sources have described Jones as a conservative,[82] far-right,[83] alt-right,[84] and a conspiracy theorist.[85][86][87][88] Jones has described himself as a libertarian[24] and a paleoconservative.[25] He indicated his support for Donald Trump during the Presidential campaign in 2016 also denouncing Trump's rival Hillary Clinton ("Hillary for prison!")[89] and Barack Obama.[90]

Gun rights Jones is a vocal gun rights advocate.[91][92] MTV have labeled him a "staunch Second Amendment supporter",[93] while the London Daily Telegraph called him a "gun-nut".[94] He has been widely quoted in international media for claiming, in a debate with Piers Morgan, that "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms".[95][96] Jones was referencing the American Revolutionary War in relation to theoretical gun control measures taken by the government. He has been reported to own around 50 firearms.[97]

Vaccines Jones is well-known and widely reported in media for both his opposition to vaccines,[98] and his views on vaccine controversies.[99][100] On June 16, 2017, Vox covered his claim that the introduction of the Sesame Street character Julia, an autistic Muppet, was "designed to normalize autism, a disorder caused by vaccines."[101] On November 20, 2017, The New Yorker quoted Jones as claiming Infowars was "defending people's right to not be forcibly infected with vaccines".[102] ThinkProgress have declared that he "continues to endanger children by convincing their parents that vaccines are dangerous."[103] Jones has specifically disputed the safety and effectiveness of MMR vaccines.[104]

Weather weapons Mother Jones has claimed that Jones is a believer in weather weapons,[105] and Salon has covered his claim "that the president has access to weather weapons capable of not only creating tornadoes but also moving them around, on demand".[106] His belief in weather warfare has been reported by mainstream media.[107][108][109] He has claimed that Hurricane Irma may have been geo-engineered.[110]

White genocide Jones has promoted the white genocide conspiracy theory.[111] Media Matters covered his claim that NFL players protesting during the national anthem were "kneeling to white genocide" and violence against whites,[112] which the SPLC featured in their headlines review.[113] On October 2, 2017, Jones claimed that Democrats and communists were plotting imminent "white genocide" attacks.[114] His reporting and public views on the topic have received support and coverage from white nationalist publications and groups, such as AltRight.com and the New Zealand National Front.[115][116]



This can is clearly marked "worms."


It was already walking a fine line, it fell off it, and with six bombs being sent today, many delivered to the people singled out in the song, and by Jones, well... I just can't.

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