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Only My Heart cover (BILL PIBURN)-VIDEO


Here I am, as promised here is my attempt to perform using my new guitar, a 1999 MCGill Super Ace amplified in my rivera sedona lite. The song I chose is Bill Piburn's "Only my Heart", performed by Tommy Jones.

I don't even think much of being able to approach the names mentioned above in the performance, but the sound of this guitar pushes me to play more and more.



Nice playing Paolo, great touch & wonderful tone!


Very very nice! Such smooth and relaxed playing, and superb tone and dynamics. Grazie for sharing this lovely tune!


Very nice! Plus one on the above comments.


Paolo, That was very nice!! So glad to see AND hear you pickin' again!! That sure is a beautiful guitar! And your playing is right on. A true "Chet-picker" (and others too!!) Take care and post some more when you can. Steve


Thanks Steve, unfortunately sometimes my job takes me too long, even in these moments of quarantine I have to introduce myself to work. I hope I can take more time to do what I like best! thank you very much for your thought.


Good to hear from you Paolo,that's a lovely tune and beautifully played!

Stay safe sir.


Very nice, Paolo.

Thanks for sharing that video, and be well.


Grazie Paolo! That is a superb performance on a superb instrument. Your playing is top drawer, and I always look forward to seeing (and listening to) your posts. Many thanks for the beautiful music, and best wishes for your health.


Grazie mille guys, I hope this sad moment for everyone will end soon.

As far as music and guitar in particular are concerned, I always start with sounds, for me this aspect is fundamental; a sound it has to excite and inspire me towards the melodies that best suit the instrument. This guitar is something special, there is a certain aura of magic around it.


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