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One of my favorites Bands from the 60’s, et. al ,,


Where's the Japanese guy?

Oh, here he is... This is one of my faves from my youth. Cool presentation, too.

Along Comes Mary


Actually, I think he was Hawaiian (and his name was Hilario Ramos -- went by "Larry"). He used to make ethnic jokes onstage that nowadays would make ya cringe -- a lot of it laughing at himself and stereotypes.

Their performance at the Monterey Pop Festival, as captured in the movie, was outstanding. They sounded much better, much more solid and cohesive than the San Francisco groups for whom Monterey was something of a coming-out party. (And I loved those SF groups.)



Very cool that you post about The Association, DrG!

It is my understanding that L.A.'s famous Wrecking Crew played on most of The Association's recordings. But, they sound pretty good on their own, as well. Check them out live on the song Never My Love (Link). By the way, in 1999, BMI reported (link) that Never My Love was the song that received the second most frequent airplay during the 20th century on radio and television. That is some pretty heady stuff.

I liked this band a lot too, DrG, and their first album, Along Comes ... The Association was one of the earlier albums that I ever bought as a youngster.

Thanks for posting about them.


I saw them live in Morehead, KY at homecoming when my wife was going to school there in 1970, seems like they were playing all Fender guitars then. Thanks for bringing back good memories Geoff!


Al Casey played guitar on most of the Association's stuff. On a Gretsch.


Another Hot band with a cute lead singer ;)


– Geoffrey E. Stich

Another Hot band with a cute lead singer ;)


– DrGretsch

Beverly Bivins! Yeah! We Five performed on a number of TV shows during their brief heyday, and she was treated as if she was going to be the Next Big Thing. I remember seeing her on one of the variety shows, and she did either a solo bit or a number in duet with some established star-at-the-time.

I did not take notice of her name at the time; and when Linda Rondstadt and the Stone Poneys had their hit a few years later, I was briefly under the misapprehension that Linda and Beverly were the same person. More than a passing resemblance...

Her voice was really low on You Were On My Mind. My band does the song, and both of my gal singers have trouble getting down there in E.



In the late 80's, my reggae band did a couple of shows on the Big Island of Hawaii. We performed at a club in Hilo Saturday night and came back Sunday afternoon to collect our equipment. Who should be setting up there, but Jim Yester (rhythm guitarist of the Association and lead singer on "Along Comes Mary") and his band. He had relocated to Hawaii and we got a chance to chat with him a bit and listen to his sound check. He had some interesting stories about his Association days. I always dug them for that slick L.A. pop stuff that doesn't exist any more.


Wow, Doc. You are on an AM Gold streak right now! Any way you can get that lo-fi buzz in the back of a YouTube video?


Didn't rock real hard,but they sure could sing! They're still at it,although no Jordan amps.


This is the guitar on Never My Love. Stephen Stern checks it out.


It looks like the We Five did not have a drummer for the show. That is what Hollywood Palace did to the Buffalo Springfield when Bruce Palmer had gotten busted and wasn't able to appear for the show. They put the bass player out front in the shadow, much like the drummer in the We Five clip. I seem to recall that it was Buffalo Springfield's road manager that filled in on that role.

Buffalo Springfield on Hollywood Palace (link)


Uh, Deed. You are not telling us the full story, now, are you?

Isn't that Duane's Country Club that purportedly got traded to Al Casey for a banjo? Did Duane get that guitar back? What is the background story on this guitar?

You are always great at giving us "the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey would say.


Hmmm... It seems that this microphone must not be on. Testing 1, 2, 3... Deed, can you hear me? (The sound of someone tapping heavily on the microphone.) Uh, Deed, you there?


The Association was my first live music experience as a kid. '68 or '69 at the West Palm Beach Auditorium, but can't be positive on the date. Much to my father's dismay, a raucous local rock band opened the show, but the entire experience to me was outstanding.

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