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Norman’s Rare Guitar of the Day - 1956 Jet


Duane Eddy played a Duo Jet? How can you talk about a Silver Jet and not mention Billy Zoom? You learn the most interesting things from these videos. This one has factory original Grover sta-tites FWIW.


Deed or Duane could weigh in on that. I'm sure he's played one, but if it was publicly or for any extended period of time, I'm not aware of it.

Could be our salesman, who seems overburdened by having to shoot five videos per week of rare and expensive vintage guitars for sale - and can't wait to go out for a cold one - was improvising off the cuff based on the Top 10 Things he knows about Gretsch.


I'd be pretty wary of doing those neck bends on a priceless instrument that doesn't belong to me.


Yeah, but the video would have been way better if the neck had snapped off in his hand. Mighta changed his bored, superior put-upon expression. Woulda been priceless.


Oh, how that made me chuckle. The neckbend commentary, it would have served him right...sa-nap! Don’t have a Bigsby? Then don’t play Ghost Riders or try to get down and get twangy. And to be at Norm's in LA and not mention Billy Zoom while holding a sparkly Jet? Uh duh...

No! Of course, Duane never played a Jet. Take five minutes, google, do something mildly educational, then you can hit the pub. (I am, of course, referring to the learned gentleman in the video)


This one has factory original Grover sta-tites FWIW.

They certainly look old. But I don't recall ever seeing clover leaf Sta-Tites on any Gretsch before (or after) '57-'58. You typically see them on humpblocks Jets and humpblock or early thumbnail 6120s. Maybe they're original, but they're definitely an anomaly if so.


I'd be pretty wary of doing those neck bends on a priceless instrument that doesn't belong to me.

– Otter

I was not happy with the neck bends either thinking it's not worth messing with integrity of the neck and body joint by doing such antics.

I have been to Norman's four times. Twice in the current location and the other one, I think was Reseda next to where The Amp Shop used to be. Either Reseda or Van Nuys, I forget which one. I prefer the old place but then again I don't have the money to shop at Norm's now so I guess it's no matter to me or Norm's which I like better but the old one had more personality and was darker and felt like a vintage shop should feel. With that said old or new location he has a great inventory.

By the way, I was at The Amp Shop when it was in that location in the late '90s and they told me Elliot Easton had just been in there and I missed him by about 30 minutes! They had a Black Face Deluxe Reverb that they said he sold them that he used on some Cars songs. I forgot which album he used the DR on.

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