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Nora Jones cute as a bug (and very Texas) and Gretsch solos…


She also did a movie... it was just ok... (however a must watch if you have a crush on her lol)...My Blueberry Nights


Yeah, I fully support the notion that she (or any artist) should be free to go where their instincts lead them. There's been a clear country(ish) strain in her work from the beginning, and it's completely genuine. She's done all-country(ish) projects as well - and no doubt she's just plain enjoying playing guitar. Learning something new, focusing her melodic sense through a different voice...that's all fine. Go Norah go.

Unfortunately, though, for those who don't know her catalog, her relative inexperience on guitar - when she's fronting a band - might create the extremely inaccurate image of a "good-lookin' girl out front with a nice voice, and hey she's doin' OK on guitar." Which, in NJ's case, diminishes and patronizes her.

I was a bit taken aback to see "cute" used as a descriptor for Norah Jones. She's 39, with two children, multiple Grammies and #1 albums, has the unstinting respect of her peers, and has executed a near-flawless and very successful 15-year career while maintaining a very private life and displaying nothing but class and elegance publicly - and all of that based on the consummate musical accomplishment she displayed from the beginning. Yes, one can't help but note that she's beautiful - but I didn't know that when I first heard the masterful stillness and control of her voice, her playing, her arrangements, her recordings. It has no bearing on what she's really about.

Can't help but feel that "cute" kinda demeans it!

– Proteus

We Girls of Confidence accept, "cute," "pretty," even an occasional "hot," from some well-intentioned Boys. Never, ever whistle, no. Just never!


We Girls of Confidence accept, "cute," "pretty," even an occasional "hot," from some well-intentioned Boys. Never, ever whistle, no. Just never!

– Olivia Anne

Unless you're already the girlfriend/wife of? ;)


We Girls of Confidence accept, "cute," "pretty," even an occasional "hot," from some well-intentioned Boys.

But should you have to? And what when it's old men rather than "boys"?

Girls/women can - and do - call each other cute, or (more often, in my experience), label some feature or fashion "cute". As in "that top is so cute on you." I think it's problematic for men to make the same call.

I can (and probably should) agree with my wife's judgment when she points out something "cute" or asks if something qualifies. I no longer have it in me to make that "compliment"/judgment/accusation myself. I wouldn't expect any adult female above the age of responsibility to determine whether I meant it "sincerely", ironically, damning-with-faint-praisily, or downright insultingly/patronizingly/even proprietarily. I would expect any female below the (fluid, I know) age of responsibility - so, by definition, a child or young girl - to consider "cute" coming from an old bastid to be downright creepy.

"Cute" is, I think, a term of diminution. It means I don't take the cute entity seriously. It patronizes. It's a pat on the head.

"Pretty" is much less fraught, and likely a safe compliment for most females from even most males. Except I'm not sure that anyone but my wife and perhaps granddaughters want to hear it from me. It implies an appreciation that I don't think most women want to encourage from, again, an old guy. If I was 20 years younger, maybe. I'm not, so I keep it to myself.

"Hot?" I'm not even going there, not ever. I don't think I'm a prude, as I can well remember when my generation invented sex - and even something about what it's all about - but see above about "pretty" and raise it exponentially. I don't think any female above the age of responsibility wants to hear an old man's evaluation of her heat, or even to imagine he might have one. The same proscription is obviously amplified by infinity if the female has yet to attain the age of responsibility.

I really think it's rarely called for that I should vocalize or express my thoughts on these surface manifestations of womanhood. With my wife, of course; she appreciates that I still appreciate. But my having such opinions about other women, I think, threatens to give them the impression that I think I have the potential to be special enough to them that my opinion would matter.

And I'm too old and irrelevant for that delusion.

I get that "cute" is one possible interpretation of one dimension of Norah Jones' charm and appeal. It's just certainly a tiny subset. If you try to pat her on the head or pinch her rosy cheek, let me know how that works out.


Politically Correct, #MeToo, ... can't I just watch and listen?

Or do I need to take sides?


If you think "political correctness" has any bearing on my perspective, I've been explaining myself clumsily.

And I'm hardly bent out of shape about it, regardless how many pixels I've wasted on it. (They come cheap, and I spew effortlessly.) I'm pretty sure no one meant any disrespect or even the shade of an insult.

I'm mostly meditating publicly about the way the words work in my own neural chemistry, at my age.

There are no sides.


In a world where bombast is often conflated with talent, that woman is a shining beacon of tasteful restraint and actual talent. Always loved her work.


We Girls of Confidence accept, "cute," "pretty," even an occasional "hot," from some well-intentioned Boys. Never, ever whistle, no. Just never!

– Olivia Anne

I just like being thought of as a "boy" still !! LOL



After much thought and trepidation I realized that if Nora Jones told me I was cute...

I'd be through the moon!

K (again ducking and running)


I get it where she could be referred to as cute. Little and pretty normally wear that moniker. I l absolutely love her breathy sexiness, when it comes to her voice and she is rather easy on the eye, so I get it. Being my age, I also get what Tim is saying. I feel creepy saying sweetheart to young ladies at check out counters but it still comes out. It's just an old habit. Embarrasses Karolyn to no end.

Dang Bob, I always thought that NJ in your namesake meant New Jersey. I had no idea it meant Norah Jones. From here forward you will be Norah Jones Bob, to me.


After much thought and trepidation I realized that if Nora Jones told me I was cute...I'd be through the moon!

I'd have no problem with that. That would be her call, and a different thing than going the other way.

And as a Texas girl, it's just likely as all git-out that she'd understand perfectly and take it in the spirit intended should someone call her cute. I'm sure she's gracious enough to smile and say thanks.

I just recall when I really understood that "cute" can be read as demeaning and patronizing. I was suggesting bass parts to one of my songs to ... well, Timmie my "usual" bassist ... because, you know. I'd built the song around what I thought made sense for a bass part.

And he gave me a condescending smile and said, "Aww, isn't that cute! He's made up bass parts for me."

Shut me right down, it did - because I realized I'd either: 1, tacitly questioned his competence; or 2, implied that I was in a position of authority over him.

In another band, with politics, I might be in a position of authority over a bass player. But not in our band, and not with Timmie. Both Nate and Timmie reserve the right to do whatever they want with my songs. I don't always agree, and sometimes they eventually decide my suggestions weren't terrible. But just as often better work comes out of cooperation between independent opinions.

We're cute like that.


I just like being thought of as a "boy" still !! LOL

– ruger9

My grandmother, born in 1895, in her own 80s, still had lunch with her "Girls." And, my Beatles always called us "Girls" and "Boys." That's good enough for me. Besides, Boys are all nice and such. Men, well sometimes, not. And, womenz, nope.


Oh, and Tim, to me, you've always been cute, and kinda strange-like, just how we like it.


Love this song, especially the simple lyrics, like a little movie.


Actually, if she told me I was cute, I'd prolly fall over dead from shock.



I can see Timmie saying that to you, Tim. You guys do make a cute band. (winkie)


You know, I seem to recall the gals at the Nashville roundup tagging Timmie as the "Sexy Bassist."

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