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New Video Release— just in time for the Halloween season!


One of my bands, The Secret Commonwealth has just released a new video. (Since the video is shot in widescreen, I highly recommend clicking the "Youtube" logo on the control bar to open it in Youtube and watching it fullscreen from there)

And yes, there's a "Gretsch sighting" in the video!

"The Glowin' Bones of Craggie Hope"

I'd post the lyrics, but since it's a storytelling song, it's a bit wordy.

A little backstory here-- We actually cut this song way back in 2002. Yes, that's right-- over 15 years ago we recorded this for our 2nd Album. However, a local producer became somewhat enamored with it and approached us about making a video for it. The story behind the lyric is based on a local ghost story / legend here in middle Tennessee-- more specifically, in Cheatham County just west of Nashville. Craggie Hope is a very tiny unincorporated community, and was an actual stop on the Nashville/Dickson railroad prior to the Civil War, and then again for some time afterward.

Anyway, needless to say, it was a bit difficult to produce and sync a vid to a 15-yr old recording, particularly since we had a handful of personnel changes in the band since then. So, some folk's parts (mainly fiddle & mandolin) don't match the original recording precisely. Also, I recorded the bass part with a big ol' doghouse bass, but used an acoustic bass guitar for the video as the upright was not available for the shoot.

And yes, this is yet another video with me playing bass-- although I DO also play mandolin, acoustic & electric in this band as well. The Gretsch mandolin in the vid is mine, but it's certainly not me playing it!

Some of you may recall a video that we cut about 5 years ago-- where I was also playing bass... I searched for that original post, but it was lost in the crash-- so as a bonus, here's an encore presentation of "Scarecrow Walkin'"-- also appropriate for the Autumn season!


Nice video. Cool songs. I remember seeing the second one when you posted it before. Worth seeing again.

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