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Never You Mind - The Colorifics Live


Very cool, Toxophillte --- I don't believe I've ever heard a rockabilly/bossa nova mashup before, and certainly not one so creatively executed. Well done!


You already know I’m a fan! Love the colourifics!


I took it down because both videos I put up ONLY linked here got dislikes, the second one within 30 minutes I think. I've never had a dislike before, it seems like it should be reserved for outright offensive/stupid things, not anonymous cowardly sniping, ah well it is the internet after all. I apologize for my knee jerk reaction and may the casual naysayers get what they deserve.


Anyone who would knowingly put a dislike on your performance is a JERK.

Ignore the trolls and please post as much as you can. The Colourifics are a real joy. Looking forward to much more.


Toxo, your stuff is great and I enjoyed every one of the videos. The world is full of jerks. Don’t let the discovery of one more ruin your day.


Love your stuff.

There are indeed a few callow lowlifes who troll certain members with dislikes. They have even voted down pics of my kids. Shake it off. They aren't worth it.


This is friggin awesome!!!! So spot on, you’re playing is where it’s at, whole band has got it down!!

Love your setup as well, glad to see it in good hands :)

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