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Nesmith; forever cool


Always enjoyed me some Nez, ever since I was a kid. Still wielding a Gretsch 12-string and crooning like nobody else.

'Different Drum', 'The Door Into Summer' .. he's written some great songs too.


Arguably, Nesmith was as integral in pioneering the California country rock sound as Graham Parsons or The Eagles. And vastly underrated as a songwriter.

Another Nez penned favorite.

Stay for the wink


.. for decades I've wanted to hear someone great cover this song, it has such a heavy beat and a great hook.

I love the creative use of lead guitar in emulating a bagpipe melody. .. And that solo is positively searing! Especially for 1966.


.. Does anybody remember this one?

Ahead of MTV by a few years, and still hilarious;


Love Crusin’. It also pre-dated roller blades, Super Freak and U Can’t Touch This. I was living in LA around this time and I remember seeing some of these characters at Venice Beach.


.. Does anybody remember this one?

Ahead of MTV by a few years, and still hilarious;

– Edison

Who could forget Lucy and Rosanna and their brother Sunset Sam?


I've been listening to some of his newer stuff. Very Americana.


.. Does anybody remember this one?

Ahead of MTV by a few years, and still hilarious;

– Edison

I had a copy of that on Beta. Been awhile. Funny stuff, great tunes.


Has always been one of my Favourite Singer, Songwriter's, 'Papa Gene's Blues' is a Great song,.... also His stuff from the Headquarters Lp!!!


Another great song written by Nez. Ultimately sung by Micky, but Mike did record a lead vocal for it.

Micky's voice really carried well on the released classic version, which also has a much sweeter mix, but it's nice to hear the author's take on it.


.. and yeah, he wrote this one too. One of my favorites. Always loved the bass line.

Evidently Dolenz was among the first to acquire a Moog when they became available. He's 'playing' it here.



Nesmith had his own electric 12-string hollowbody made to order by Fred Gretsch in '66, for The Monkees. This, even though Rickenbacker had already started producing them commercially. Nesmith wanted a bluesier twang, not so much the chime of a Ric.

Nez had already modified his own Gretsch Tennessean from a 6-string to a 12-string, but around the time the Monkees began production, the neck snapped on it.

Gretsch made 3 of the custom 12-string double-cut hollowbodies, giving the other 2 to George Harrison and Chet Atkins.

Nesmith played his almost exclusively throughout the Monkees show run. The custom models became popular enough for Gretsch to produce what became their G6076 model, from 1966-1970.

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