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My New Favorite Song!!!!


Written only 350+ years ago! It's Antonio Bertali's "Chiacona A Violina Solo". It's from the Baroque era. I heard this early Friday morning on our local classical station while heading to work. It's almost R'n'R. I know this isn't the perfect website for this post, but we are all music lovers and I thought you folks would appreciate the baroque lutes and other weird string instrumentation. Anyway, I hope someone can get as much gratification out of this as I had. It reminded me of my Dad who got a violin for his 78th birthday this past July and is taking lessons as we speak. Here it is...you won't be disappointed. Thanks for listening!


Very timely. Great music is great music, from whenever.

Also, I started my daughter Val on a Fender MusicMaster when she was 5 and probably wanted to be like Daddy (allow me a moment of sentiment for those years of wonder); it didn't take. 10 years later she played a little bass, to work up some trio songs with her brother and I. That didn't take either. Now, 25 years later (geez), her daughter is taking up keyboard - and Val has started viola lessons!

Hooray for string beginners, even if they're too late to be Suzuki child prodigies.


Forgot to mention the incredible dynamics these musicians must have had and did in the day with major passion.


The 9+ minute version of this song is superior (IMO) due to the addition of organ and harpsichord. But, this version is cool in that it shows the actual musicians playing period pieces.

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