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My latest collection of Jerry Reed tunes I’ve worked out and on video.


Hey guys,

I've been working on a lot of Jerry Reed tunes lately for an up coming project so in the meantime I thought I'd post them on my youtube page. All the guys at the Goldrush roundup enjoyed them when I played a set so thought I'd post them here for the rest of you to watch. Hope ya like


Masterful! Thanks so much. What a treat for the senses!


Simply superb, Paul! Your playing is as professional as it gets, and you're ability to write as well as play Jerry's style is the pinnacle. Your upcoming video should reach even more folks and this is important for fans of Jerry.


What great playing, and you look relaxed while doing so.

Are you preparing to record an instructional video?


The Jerry Reed style has such dirty syncopation and iron timing. It really is filthy funky with confident swagger. So enjoyable to listen to you play these tunes Taffy.

It takes a lot of effort to get to that effortless level, you sure have put the hours in here.


Hey guys thanks and glad you enjoyed them. Geoguy I was asked by Stefan Grossman the country blues/ragtime player to do a video of Reed instrumentals for his Guitar Workshop so that's why the sudden amount of Reed lol.


Great tunes, played really well!

Congrats on the Stefan Grossman project, he's an influential guy - it would be great if he asked you to follow it up with a video of some of your own tunes. He's known for producing tab books to go with his videos - has he asked you to do that too?

Great job - you deserve a bit of wider recognition for the hard work you've put in on the Reed tunes.


Congratulations Paul, on the well deserved attention your playing is getting.

These videos are a real pleasure to watch.


Cheers Neil, JW.

Neil he did ask me to write the tabs for the tunes too.


Those are great Paul - nice work.

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