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My Cover of “Corn Pickin’ and Slick Slidin’ ” on a my 57’ 6120


yeah man


ps- pic of jb on usual tele w george jones just came along for the ride..part of the pic...on ozzie & harriet tv show, james was often shown with ric or gretsch with ricky nelson..but in reality on sessions he was tele man thru and thru!!...burton and mooney...hot stuff


Never thought I'd get the hots again for a 6120, but that one rings all the bells and then some. Great playing as always.


This song is a definitive Tele song. I think it’s like the most perfect 2 minutes of tele and steel ever.

I like having fun with it on a single coil 6120. It’s got its own bark of twang.

And yeah I love those early promo pics of Burton with 57’ 6120. Theres a video of him and ricky doing “believe what you say” and he’s playing the 6120.

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