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My Band’s Appearance on Local Television


My band did a gig a few weeks ago where, to promote the event, we were asked to go to one of the local television studios in Reno and to perform several songs on videotape for airing on the morning of the event. They did a brief interview with us and then we played several songs.

My band plays instrumental rock and surf music. We have begun the band by learning a lot of the classic surf songs so that we would have a common currency with other surf players. We have also added in other instrumental rock songs from bands like The Shadows, The Ventures, and Los Straitjackets. Now, we are starting to work on original material.

Here is the interview...


And here is one of the songs we played, a Los Straitjackets song called “Aerostar.” We sure had a good time.


Sounds good. Nice work. Have to love those jazzmasters!


Great stuff, Bob. I really enjoyed that.


Sounds killer, Rickybob! You're a very natural and smooth, professional interview subject. Well presented.

The bands sounds great, tight and clean. I may be of two minds about the snare sound - on one hand, I love the open resonance. On the other, I wonder if it's too ringy. But it's very distinctive.

And hey, nice shirts!

But how do you get away with not playing a FENDER amp? You'll have to hide from the purists. (I suggest a full-color hi-res cardboard cutout of some ultimate surf amp, and put the Exec behind it with a mic.)

The whole appearance clearly went wonderfully well - congrats, Councillor.


Groovy! Thanks for posting this Bob. You guys sound great!

Nice Jazzmaster too.


Proteus, in some ways, aren't they all "Fender " amps? Victoria (and many others) have made a business out of reproducing and refining Leo's classic circuits. Just an observation!


Thanks, fellows, for the charitable remarks. Greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Proteus, for the comment about the interview. I have appeared on television a number of times over the years (although in most instances it was in the back of a squad car) and actually enjoy the interview part of the process. Especially if the person interviewing you has a sense of humor. You can have some fun riffing off them.

Interesting that you remarked on the snare drum sound. I have a single mind about it -- I don't like all that ringy-dingy-ness to it. We worked on his snare tone at our last rehearsal and discovered that, to some degree, it is a function of where he strikes the head. He tends to play more in a rimshot style where he strikes the head closer to the rim. BuddyHollywood Steve or Tubwompus Sammy could probably elucidate on that more adroitly than I. We hadn't really noticed the tone of his snare until we heard the playback of this video. "Yikes," we said. I like a crisper snare than this, so we are modifying his tone accordingly.

The shirts were actually a real bone of contention. Our former bass player and the other guitarist were in favor of wearing Aloha shirts. I told them that wearing shirts like that was almost an attempt to make a parody of the whole thing. I am very much in favor of stage attire, but not Hawaiian shirts. So, we have settled in with these blue ones and some black ones.

Having followed this genre of music a little more closely the past few years, I have found that some of these bands really dress pretty spiffy. There is one tremendous band down in Los Angeles called The Huntington Cads who wear red blazers, black pants, white shirts, and black ascots. Now they look pretty sharp.

So, you noticed the Gretsch content, didjya? I will truly be the black sheep of the surf guitar community if I ever get around any other players and am not playing through at least a Deluxe Reverb, much less a blonde Showman. But, I haven't yet found a vintage Fender amp that I am enthused about and that I could afford. My bandmate has a 1968 silverface Deluxe Reverb that is to die for, it sounds so incredibly good. He is using it in that video. But, I get to play through it during rehearsals at his studio and just love how it sounds. Tubwompus Sammy is helping me keep a sharp eye out for a good one on Reverb.com.

And, by the way, that Jazzmaster used to belong to fellow GDPer Ernesto Hernandez, who is a great player who fronts the band King Pelican. He had a vintage Jazzer and didn't want to take it out and bang it up, so he bought the reissue. After playing the reissue for a while, however, he decided that he really missed playing the vintage model and so he gave me the chance to buy it from him. He knew that I had been looking for a good condition AV '65 reissue, so I was pleased to have the chance to buy it.

Thanks again, gents, for the support!


That was great, Bob! Congrats! Great song choice, from one Straitjackets fan to another..!


Great work Bob. I agree on the ringy snare sound on the video. It doesn't work for the song. But...... for a lot of 60's era instrumental low budget, garage/surf tunes, it is completely authentic and representative of the period. The drummer should put his wallet on the snare for the song on the video and remove it for the 60's tunes.

BTW, once again you fooled me into thinking you are a great guitarist..........




Super! That was really cool, Daddyo!


Great job, Bob. Were there more songs that you could post?

Would you mind sharing a typical set list?


Nicely done! Hopefully we'll hear more at the roundup.


Wow sounds great! You guys really have it together.

I also like the videography - the fades, looking down on the drum kit, cool lighting. This might also serve well as a promotional tool for you guys.



Jolly good Bob; we need more intsrumental music. Thanks for playing.


Proteus, in some ways, aren't they all "Fender " amps? Victoria (and many others) have made a business out of reproducing and refining Leo's classic circuits.

Oh, absolutely. The real point of my observation is that it wouldn't matter if it sounded like a Fender amp. It could sound like anything clean...as long as it LOOKS Fender.


Bob and Band were I nice night out. I took in the Barroom show on the Saturday Night of that same week.

Beyond everything being wonderful, I really liked the focus on the Surf genre/60's guitar Sound.

It fills a good space in our World today, and everyone can relate to it, too.


I loved that, thanks for posting. I love all of those old guitar instrumental bands from way back - growing up in the UK, it was in fact the Shadows who made me take up the instrument in the first place. I quickly got into the Ventures, the Spotnicks, and various surf bands, and I still enjoy that whole style - two guitars, bass and drums, the absolute classic line-up. Thanks for the big nostalgia trip - I've just spent a half hour with the Shadows on youtube and now I'm heading back to revisit the Spotnicks. Tomorrow - the Ventures and some assorted surf band things. My weekend is sorted out, I'll be spending it in 1963 or thereabouts - thanks again!

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