On the 'tube



Good shots of Gretsch and Vox gear also.


Seeing Nesmith with his 6076 12 string on syndicated reruns in the late 70s was the real beginning of me wanting to be a guitar player. Being an 80s kid, I still struggle to understand and bring a true representation of the gear of that era to my own collection.


But you started at the top of mid 60s gear-- no doubt.


I had a Super Beatle. Massive PITA to move anywhere. Monster sound, just wouldn't fit into most vehicles, and needed a team to carry it.


The Beatles needed huge amps by then.


The Monkees are great. They are probably a big reason I play music at all. They play on some of their songs and they don't play on others, whatever. It's always them singing.


Well, actually the Beatles had the first AC-100s off the line by summer tour, 1964.


The Beatles needed them. PA technology in the '60s was still similar to the '40s and '50s. Big Altec horn bins, tube amps, very limited mixers, no monitors and few effects. They had to have high wattage amps, even if they'd catch fire on occasions. Playing a place like Shae Stadium is an audio nightmare even with today's technology.

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