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Nocturne F-Bomb ‘63 Arrives…


And it's amazIng! Paired with my Gomez El Sonido, the F-Bomb brings the glorious reverb. Well worth the wait for it to be built.

I've had a Fender '63 Reissue Reverb Unit and it pales in comparison to this magnificent reverb machine. Many thanks to Tavo!

I'll be working on making a video this weekend to demo and post in this topic. I'm in surf heaven! Here's some pics:


Congrats! Lookn forward to the demo. Nothn quiet like an external tank for surf'n up drippn verbs. Lookn forward to the vid.


That looks sweet!!! Congrats! Looking forward to the demo vid!


Snorre, did you recently score a VibroKing? Do they have a 6gi5 on board? . If so be great to hear your thoughts/ a comparison.


The first Vibrokings had an EL84 reverb driver - I had one and it ran the EL84 very hot, so needed replacing quite often. Then they changed to a 6V6, probably because the 6V6 is more readily available than a 6K6. I believe the 6V6 version was more reliable.

In the end I would plug into the amp at the back - the FX loop IN - because the reverb was so noisy. Plugging in at the back just bypasses the reverb altogether on a VK. And after that I sold it and bought the then-new Super Reverb RI which had a much better reverb anyway.

I suspect Tavo's outboard reverb will sound a lot better than my VK's reverb ever did.


Thanks , seems like such a good idea to have a 6g15 style verb onboard. the results sound a lil disapointing


That's a great sounding verb!

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