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Meshugga Beach Party on The Gong Show 7/6


OK, boob tube, not youtube, but still seems the best place to post this. My band Meshugga Beach Party will be on The Gong Show on ABC TV on July 6. Tune in and catch the mishegas!


I've already got it set up for DVR. Can't wait. This is a great opportunity.


some friends of mine are going to be in the house band on the gong show. has the show started yet?


I love your band since years


Thanks everyone! Powerjet, the show has already been recorded. I believe the first episode airs tonight, so you should see your friend!


I didn't even know that The Gong Show was back on TV. The American Idol wave must still be swelling and hasn't crested quite yet.

Looks like you were having some fun there, Mel! Good on you guys.


Did they dig Chuck up and do Weekend at Bernies or some new host?


New Host! Mike Myers in some weird make up like Jay Leno or something. Big jaw and large face. I can't wait to see how close or not it is to the previous.


Mazel Tov, Mel! Did you do a surf version of "Bang A Gong" by T Rex?


Seems just about perfect for The Gong Show.

Where were you all when I lived in Manhattan!


Well done, Mel. Your keyboard player needs to put her beard back on. I'll record it, too.


Right on Mel!


I caught part of the show last night. Hard to believe that was Mike Myers, tho the voice gave him away. I had to turn it off when the couple started spitting pieces of banana at each other and the judges. The flaming bagpiper unicyclist in the monkey suit was---interesting.

I'll have to check out your band, Mel. Klezmer rockabilly surf? Looks interesting!


Love this stuff.

One slightly off-topic question: Years ago someone here offered an album by a band called 'The Surfside IV' named "Ballad of the Tiki" for download to GDP members. I did, simply love it, listened to it countless times and tried to contact the guys through their website to buy a CD copy and a shirt maybe but never got any reply. Does anyone know who the poster was? Is he still here? Thanks a lot.


P.S. Anyone ever heard of the Dutch band 'Treble Spankers' (not active anymore)? In the same vein. Loved their album "Hasheeda".


"The flaming bagpiper unicyclist in the monkey suit"......... WTF?


Watch the show, Dave---at your own risk! At least he wasn't gonged like the woman who stuffed a tarantula into her mouth and then played harmonica. The unicyclist played flame throwing bagpipes (your favorite), then caught a pie in the face.

American TV at it's finest!


Love Meshugga Beach Party. This freakin rules.


Good luck Mel! I love what you have been doing.

I'm not sure the Gong Show has your interests at heart . I'll been watching with interest.



rip chuck b!!...

he held on tight to the rights to the gong show..was fairly unavailable...now that he's passed different story

not to rain on the fun!!!

tho i dont know what's better... to make it thru or to get gonged by "the new" jp morgan!! hah

sure it was fun time tho...congrats



The Gong Show released another photo of our performance - looking forward to our episode this coming Thursday, July 6th!


Mel, is it 10 PM on ABC July 6, ? If so, I am going to stay up past my bedtime just to watch you guys. Meshugga Beach Party Rocks!!!!!!!!!

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