On the 'tube

Marty Stuart plays Clarence’s Tele…


...with Roger, Chris and the Fabulous Superlatives.

He plays it really well.



Clarence in action "Live at the Fillmore February 1969" with The Byrds a few weeks after finally getting this great contraption worked out with Gene...first recording using it as best I can search.

I know some of you will remember this link, I just find it fabulous...showing off the new gadget in front of an unsuspecting audience making everybody wonder what the heck is that!

It was used extensively after that in their recordings starting with the "Easy Rider" Soundtrack.


I'm a big fan of Marty! Cousin Kenny Vaughn is a seriously underrated guitarist as well. The story of "Clarence" is pretty interesting.


Nice to see and hear this. Everyone sounding great.

'Time Between' pretty much describes Clarence White's distinctive and peculiarly tilted phrasing in two words.


Excellent post, some Bandmates of mine saw the show a couple of weeks back and loved it. Thanks Deed for that clip on how Marty got that Tele, I love story's like that

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