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Louie Innis - “I ain’t got a pot to peel potatoes in”


What a great song. Love the guitar work. Who is this playing? Is there any good info source on Innis and his music?


You're right- super playing. Great interplay between the steel and guitar. There's nothing quite so sparky as those brilliant stuttering choo-choo chords on the steel.

The electric guitar seems like it's got two pickups on, out of phase- great sound, really poky and nosy.

Seven extra merit points for the beautifully clear production. Amazing sense of three-dimensional space. On a mono record, that is something notable. Five demerit points for the klunky kowbell interjections though!


Thanks for that, Sascha. Any idea what year this is from? The sound is very clear. Love that interplay between the two guitar players. In a similar vein (but minus the vocal) lately I've been listening quite a bit to Redd Volkaert and Cindy Cashdollar.


The internet says it's from Sept '53. No info on the musicians, though. Yeah, that guitar interplay is something else.


He did write one of my favourite songs but that's as much as I know.


Thanks for the great link, Tubs! I had no idea he also wrote „Seven nights to rock“.

Edit: Here's some more info on releases including good qualty mp3s. https://www.rocky-52.net/ch...


Love all of this,great stuff!


Wow, this is GREAT!

For all the reasons stated above, I can add nothing.

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