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Listen to this guy!!


Hey fellow pickers! Take a listen to James Shannon on YouTube! He does a note-for-note rendition of Chet's "You Do Something To Me" and it is VERY GOOD! He has lots of clips under his former title "Mr. Shazzar" and they are all good too! A Gretsch fan his latest post features a nice orange Gretsch with killer tone! Mucho inspiring! Hope you all like it!! Steve


I agree with Windsordave, this guy is a fabulous Chet style player! I really enjoyed the clip, Suprdave, thanks for the assist! I'm heading to YouTube to check out some more of his tunes, thank you, Steve Sanders, for the heads up on a great sounding player.


Be sure and check out James' rendition of "Secret Love" and "What A Wonderful World". I am 99% positive a lotta them nice chords ain't in MY Mel Bay book!!! Slicker than a minnow!! Steve


I'm pretty sure he was/is a member here ,from a while ago when he was still at school. He posted under Mr Shazzar,iirc.

Great player.


Wow! Great listening—also humbling.


Super picker! What a great arrangement Chet made. I remember Norm talking about him. Thanks for posting.

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