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Lightbulb the source of synthesis?


The overall premise here is elementary and either stretched for effect or astonishingly gee-whiz naive, but the video synthesizes some enlightening (duh) historical connections. It's worth the five minutes, even if you don't care about synthesizers.



One thing leads to another. Some folks aren't content to just leave things ago, and ask themselves, "What if?" Where would we be now if not for peoples' curiosity?


Apparently Thomas Edison invented the first Diode (or actually a Light Emitting Diode). In the video, it shows that in one of his early light bulb experiments, he observed that "if a positive current was applied to the plate, electricity would magically flow across the vacuum to the base. If, on the other hand, a negative current was applied to the plate, nothing happened". This is the exact definition of a Diode (ie current will flow in one direction and not the other). I'm surprised the producers of the video didn't mention that. I suppose it would have taken somebody with a background in electronics to catch that. Also, the definition of positive and negative potential has switched place since Thomas Edison's days, his 'positive' current was what we define as 'negative' today.


Lightbulb the source of synthesis?

does that mean the flashbulb is the source of photosynthesis?




That's a great watch!

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