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let’s get down w/ Charlie Gracie in ‘57


Looks like he has the Guild/Franz thing goin on.


...and just for kicks let's do it again fifty years later, live in 2007. Same cool Guild too.


I was on the same bill as Charlie a couple of days ago.


Charlie Gracie is a Philadelphia treasure. That big Guild he still plays is his original guitar. Super nice guy too.


Sadly although I saw him walking around I didn't get to meet with him. We had the afternoon spot and I had another engagement in the evening an hour or so away, so I was packing up and getting gone while my last note was still ringing.


Some years ago he played a show at the band shell in Pennypack Park in Northeast Philly. It started pouring before the show and people were huddled around the band shell trying to stay dry and Charlie was hanging around the stage chatting with everyone like he knew them all. I had to ask him about the Guild X350 and he was very proud to say he bought it new and other than some re-fretting over the years and general maintenance, it was all original and amazingly clean for an instrument that old that has been gigged regularly since the 50's. He did acquire another one over the years as a back up. Just a really nice, decent man who just happens to be a rock pioneer and innovator who's in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and should also be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.


Deke: Damn -- I'm kicking myself here. I didn't know he was doing shows around here this month.


It was only at the Burstin in Folkestone, too. To be honest I had no idea he was going to be there either!


Happy Birthday Charlie! 83 years young today, May 14th, and currently on tour in the UK along with Marty Wilde and Mike Berry.


Happy Birthday Charlie. We had a gig last night and included 'Fabulous' in the set list.

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