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Julie London & Bass


Loved that! If you like the sparseness of it, get her Julie is Her Name lp with with Barney Kessel showing how to play perfect backing guitar.


Give that man a medal for outstanding devotion to duty under extremely distracting circumstances.


I'd never seen the "Blackbird" clip before. What a great performance! Thanks for sharing it.

Also, speaking of Barney Kessel, if you've never heard "The Poll Winners" album he made with bassist Ray Brown and drummer Shelly Manne, do yourself a favor and check it out. It's one of three albums this trio made in the late 50s celebrating their wins, in successive years, of the Downbeat, Metronome and Playboy jazz polls. It doesn't get much more creative than what these three do together.

It's also pretty cool to realize that, along with playing rhythm guitar on Duane Eddy's "Because They're Young," Barney was the same guy who did the rock solo on Ricky Nelson's first hit, "I'm Walkin'."


I saw Barney play live at a club in the mid 70's, mid week performance with maybe 20 people. Man did I get a real life lesson on what guitar could be. Talked to him briefly, very humble down to earth guy. Later on I got to know Hank Garland. Hank struggled to play, but one day he played the head to Barney's Blues. I said show me that, and he did ! Still play it now, though nowhere near as good as either of those cats.


That was the stuff, right there. Very cool.


Pretty cool,love Julie's voice.


My favorite Julie London clip from one of my favorite movies “The Girl Can’t Help It”. Julie was an amazing singer...and was on Liberty Records, the same record label as Eddie Cochran.


I could listen to Julie's haunting voice all day long. Good actress too!


I can honestly blame my father for my love for Julie London. As a kid, I was just wowed by most of the album covers... of which he had many-- and they were played frequently. What's a young schoolboy to do? As I got older, it was more about the music... Julie had some great guitarists accompanying the arrangements over the years, the aforementioned Mr. Kessel, as well as Sal Salvador, Howard Roberts and Al Viola.

To date, I have 23 Julie LP's in my collection-- many of them original Liberty mono pressings which I inherited from my father. And yes, I've duplicated most of them with purchases in CD format.

My go-to late night scotch & water dim-the-lights music for introspective reflection... and has been so for 30+ years.

My single favorite album? Well, it's a two way tie for first place--

1959's "Your Number, Please"

And "Around Midnight" from 1960-- Which has the most definitive rendition of "Don't Smoke In Bed" EVER.


She was a very talented musician/performer who could read out loud the phone book and make it sound intimate. Here she is singing the Mickey Mouse Club theme live. Really.


And to think 70’s kids like me only knew her as Nurse Dixie from Emergency!


Favorite nurse from the 70’s


Favorite nurse from the 70’s

– DouglasI

She's standing next to her husband Bobby Troup who wrote the iconic song "Get Your Kicks on Route 66."


I've always been a big fan since I was introduced to her in the late 80s. My first experience with learning any jazzy style guitars was either learning Barney Kessel's parts by ear off of cassette or amalgamating the other instruments into a cohesive guitar part. We used to have a trio called the Van Pelt trio that exclusively played songs off Julie London records. Beautiful stuff.

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