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Julian Lage playing a Roy Orbison song on a Gretsch


I love Lage's playing, and Orbison's songs, and of course Gretsch guitars, but the idea of the leader of the current crop of young jazz guitarists playing either an Orbison song or a Gretsch would have never occurred to anyone a couple of years ago. I wonder if Gretsch will do a "Julian Lage" model, since he's been seen a number of times lately sporting a DuoJet?


nice to see current jazz hotshot julian l using alt jazz guitars like tele's and solid gretsches...he does nice job with crying..frisell-ish...and the vid is shot nicely as well



Beautiful playing, for any genre. While many of the current jazz oriented guitarists have been exploring ever more complex and clever way of splitting the atom, Julian has brought improvised music back into the tradition of song and melody, and thank heavens for that. Thanks for posting.


This vid has him playing a tele through what kinda looks like a tweed deluxe....I’m digging it. Never heard of him before....I do have to admit, I don’t know many jazz guitarists though...


What an amazing player. Khudos!


Jazz Twang! Now that's a thing! Very refreshing and great tone!


I'm stoked about this - I've been on that path for a few years now, playing all kinds of stuff in a trio format from Fields of Gold to Jazz standards with my Gretsches! Julian is well known enough (and incredibly capable) so as to spread this best kept secret! I think you'll find Stitchfam on here does a great job of all kinds of stuff too with all makes of gretsches!

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