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John Fogerty; Fogerty’s Factory live


National treasure John Fogerty has been dropping these musical salvos from his place up in Redding, CA since the Covid19 surge began.

This is one of the more recent ones.
Couldn't help digging that Brian Setzer model he's playing.

.. Also; Great googly-moogly, WHAT A VIEW!


Thanks for posting. Been enjoying those Fogerty and Family videos myself. No question Fogerty is a National Treasure.


Thanks for posting. Got to see him after the Eye of the Zombie album and he wouldn't play any CCR, but a great show nonetheless.


I saw him live for the Eye of the Zombie album tour and The Centerfield Tour prior to that. Both great shows despite the lack of CCR tunes. It was interesting as the audiences at both shows never called out for any CCR tunes....it was like the fans were being respectful and understanding of Fogerty and his issues with his former record label boss. When Fogerty started doing the CCR songs again, those shows were just amazing....the shows were almost like a cathartic release and a healing for the audience and Fogerty. Fogerty just seemed to get so much joy and satisfaction with getting his songs back and sharing them with a live audience again. Fogerty even went to the trouble of making sure the CCR songs were performed with the historically correct guitars and amps.


Fogerty credits Bob Dylan for getting him to start playing CCR material again.

Dylan cautioned John that if he didn't, people would think Ike Turner wrote Proud Mary.

Glad he listened to Bob.

John Fogerty is one of those very few rock vocalists who's voice is remarkably ageless. It's uncanny.


July 4th greetings from the Fogerty family;

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