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Jazz Video 1944


This is one of the best music videos of any genre ever made. Period.

Nominated for an Oscar in 1944, Jammin' The Blues features many famous jazz players, Lester Young and Barney Kessel amongst them. This youtube version barely does the fine photography justice. For a clean version, get a DVD copy of the Humphrey Bogart film, Passage To Marseilles (1944) where it is included with many shorts that would typically play with the main feature.

I'm pretty sure that some of the playing is dubbed as Kessel is ripping on a big blonde acoustic Gibson but the recording sounds amplified; he probably took the monkey-on-a-stick off for the visuals


Thank you. Great short film with a very cool vibe!


Reet Petite!


Cool they are doing the Lindy Hop! Goes great with the music.


I read where Kessell had to dye his hands so as to appear black so southern audiences might not take offence.Sheesh.

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