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Ed passed away a little over two years ago, this popped up on YT. Cool to see even though it's a record.


Amazing how we used to dress to perform in the sixties!


RIP Ed King -- actually, one ex Alarm Clock guy goes to my local tech around here.


RIP, Ed.

Who ever wound up with the bizarr-o world Mosrites that Strawberry Alarm Clock had at some point?


Several years ago they were on display at a guitar store in San Rafael, CA that was across the street from Bananas At Large, another music store where I used to regularly see people like Neal Schon, David Freiberg and other Bay Area stalwarts.


1967 was a transition year...

Good to see Ed...that song played on the radio all Summer.

Reached No. 1 in the Fall


This song is an amazing song. I looked it up and that song was released one month after I was born. Funny how about 20 years after I would hear that song and love it. I bought the CD about 20 years ago. Very talented band. When I read that Ed King was in Lynyrd Skynyrd I was surprised that this guy from Glendale, CA from an LA based band ended up in Lynyrd Skynyrd. Yes he was a talent but just didn't expect that.


Thanks for posting these, Curt. RIP Ed King.


Ed was one of those disarming types but It’s also a bit intimidating when he hands you a 60 Les Paul. I noodled around a bit and played a few bars of Peg while recording me with his iPhone. “Teach me that” he said, miss that guy a lot. Then he played.


So glad you brought him to the Roundup. That was soooooo special. I was FB friends with him and he was one of the best persons you could know. I miss him.


Great video, Curt, thank you for sharing it with us. I hadn't heard this song in a long time, and it brought back some great memories of when I was just a kid and would hear it on the radio. I would have been seven years old when this song came out in 1967. It got a lot of air play over the next decade, and I still hear it occasionally on the Classic Rock radio station in Phoenix.

The guys were really dressed up, in a cool sort of way, and they were so young! Too bad they used to make the bands mime on television shows. It was always kind awkward looking, I imagine because it wasn't a lot fun performing that way, and fade outs looked pretty goofy. I enjoyed hearing and seeing Ed noodling on the Gold Top Les Paul too, those have great tone.


The vid isn’t that clear, it’s a mild burst. I think that one was listed for 300K.

Jason Isbell got the 59 red eye burst.


"Ed King, many things I can't define....."


One of the great organ lines. Love it!


I got to meet Ed and most of the Skynyrd guys in the 1988 Tribute Tour edition of the band when they played a charity softball game with KISW FM100 in Seattle at Woodland Park. He was a really nice guy who took time to have a conversation with me - something I'll always remember. P.S. Thanks for the video clip Curt!


I like those display cases behind Ed in the video clip. Where is that?


It’s Ed’s and Sharon’s house. The previous owner had those built to display fine china. Ed tore out all the shelves to display some of his guitars.


Nice house! He earned it.


He lived a frugal life and it wasn't until his final years that he moved into this house. One of the good ones that told it like it is and was grateful for everything he experienced.


That's really cool. Nice collection as well.


Thanks for posting this. It is a great job of lip syncing. Everyone seemed to be right on point.


That's really cool. Nice collection as well.

– knavel

Not a bad dinning room eh?

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