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I Never Knew cover (JIM CAUDILL)-VIDEO


A beautiful arrangement by Jim Caudill, I Never knew, performed with guitar and rhythm. I used my Gibson L5 attached to the Fender Twin Reverb. Sergio uses a bronze Ludwig snare drum.

A special thanks to Bill Piburn, who, with his magazine gives the opportunity to study these fantastic songs

Hope you like it. PAOLO.


Lovely! I should quit playing.


Lovely tune Paolo, I enjoyed listening to it very much. Thank you for posting it.


Very nice Paolo! Your fine playing combined with the tones from the guitar and amp make this extremely relaxing to listen too.

A song that would sound terrific with this guitar & amp is Music To Watch Girls By. Great Bossa Nova tune, a fabulous music style not heard enough from these days!


Thanks Really guys !!!

Dave, I know very well that song, especially the Chet arrangement, always performed with nylon guitars but now I'll try it with this configuration, maybe we can escape a video!!!


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