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I Can’t Stop Laughing


Oh no doubt. Making bad art is a basic human right.

Is a successful fail actually a success? Or is it still a fail?

That said, art requires context. Maybe if there was some thematic connection between the song/lyrics and the possibly-defensibly-ironic destruction of surroundings rather than the instrument...I'd buy it as (bad) art.

That is, normally when we see guitars slung and bashed into things, cultural conditioning tells us it's an anti-materialist attempt to destroy the instrument in abhorrence of consumerism. There might be humor and/or some "statement" in turning that around. Or it's supposed to literalize the guitar as an instrument of cultural destruction. But it's about 50 years too late for either of those notions to have much meaning.

And she does look stupid. But, to be fair (and I really resent having to be fair to "music" that isn't even good chaotic noise), the presentation we get of the performance does nothing to stage or enhance any serious intention. It looks like they're in a school cafeteria under daytime fluorescent lights, and it seems to be a smart-phone video casually shot from a random vantage point...and the shooter doesn't even finish out the song.

It's possible that the same sort of performance, presented theatrically with approriate lighting, and shot from a more center position, with decent sound (if the band indeed produces a full spectrum) might be a bit more impressive. In such a context, there might be some artistic fitness to the display of something like aggression, and even Lil Waifer's gradual weakening might take on some meaning.

But this looks like a Jr High band of self-conscious misfits set up unaccountably in the cafeteria during lunch hour, and going insensibly about their half-hearted display of witless and impotent ... anger? aggression? angst? nihilism? ... while everyone else is pretty much as oblivious as they should be.

If you think about it enough (see footnote), you might be able to gen up some pathos that these poor kids can't even attract and keep attention as anything other than an incidental spectacle, even when they do their best to commit some sort of supposed outrage.

Or is it we who are jaded?

It's not. This is just pathetic and stupid. As either Igor Stravinsky or Samuel Johnson said, it's pointless to criticize an unresisting imbecility.

FOOTNOTE: Which either only I do, then feel stupid for having invested time and braincycles in said imbecility ... or everybody else processes immediately and I'm just slow on the uptake. I'm good with either analysis.


VERY obviously set up. Big stage area for her, three band members set up out of the way, no shock or surprise. Yeah, folks did it in the 60s but it was different then. Hasn't travelled well, same as drugs. Different then though.


...and a shame that we're even talking about it really. Strange how my folks generation were shocked and appalled by 'young people'. Now we're the oldies and are just a bit bored by them


What's her ebay moniker? I've been looking for a slightly used Stratocaster.


This only gets closer to proving my theory that nothing bad ever happens to stupid people. Not once did that guitar bounce off the stage and hit her right square between the eyeballs like it should have.


What's her ebay moniker? I've been looking for a slightly used Stratocaster.

– nielDa

Relics R Us.


Strange how my folks generation were shocked and appalled by 'young people'. Now we're the oldies and are just a bit bored by them

Right, so maybe there's a generational component in this. The first time Pete whacked a guitar intentionally (the very first time was an accident, and doesn't count), my g-g-g-generation accepted it as a conscious artistic statement. Likewise did Hendrix get a pass at Monterrey...because...well, because he was Hendrix, I guess, and had got all the hotness he could get musically out of the guitar so that the only way to ascend to the next level of energy consummation was to burn it literally.

In any case, those were our (anti)heroes, destroying in the name of a higher creative impulse.

Since then, we see anyone who tries to pull those swords out of the stone as derivative, inauthentic, mere kopikats. They're not our spokesmodels.

But in the same way Pete's anti-consumerist gesture backfired immediately in the clear hypocrisy of having to nip down to Rose Morris and BUY ANOTHER GUITAR, this dunderbust's attempt to use a guitar she can barely play to destroy the very stage she stands on...totally misses the point that the real stage she stands on is the ubiquitous quantum blur of ütube, social media, and the internet. And I doubt that she expresses her disdain of that stage "in real life" by just disconnecting...or ceasing to post such drivel.

In ANY case, whatever it's supposed to mean as "art" (if anything), it simply fails because it doesn't entertain, and there's just nothing cool, transgressive, or ... interesting about it.


Damn poly finishes.....

To me the two funniest things were:

The SM58 on her amp was just draped over the grillcloth

She had a Boss tuner in her signal chain.

The performance was just sad. Attempted faux violence in front of a totally non-plussed crowd. Like the drunk guy who performs his party trick twenty times in a row.


To me art is a coming together of imagination, creativity, talent and skill. I see none of that here. I see mindless destruction and it's very unoriginal. A bad stereotype.

Self expression? Acting like a 3 year old throwing a hissy fit shows a lack of being able to express yourself like a conscientious adult.

Edit: sorry if I sound grumpy, I'm usually quite humorous. Smashing stuff with a guitar is just so stupid.

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