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Hundreds of Gibson Firebirds destroyed


I don't think I'll ever buy a Gibson product ever again...

And more destruction here @ the 15:53 time mark:


Still a sucky thing -- maybe they were weird guitars, etc but still ...


It’s decadence and it shows how little Gibson loves their own products.


Video was pulled from a bunch of sites. Here it is. Brings new meaning to "Road Worn."


Boring. Stupid. Regret watching it so don't bother. Could have given them to schools, prisons or old people's homes.


I think it was an attempted viral marketing thing that backfired. They took the symbol of everything that was wrong with Gibson and make show out of it's destruction, put in on the internet, hoping people would cheer for it. But these people don't understand their customers, guitars are not jeans.

What bugs me even more is that they're unwilling to admit they f-ed up and spread this bs story about the guitars being dangerous.

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