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Has anyone tried using a pitch-shifter for a subtle Bigsby effect?

I have a Boss GT-001 and I was able to set it up for possible use [see below]. This wasn't very satisfactory for these reasons: The GT-001, similarly to the VF-1 and every other Boss multi-effects pedal I've tried, doesn't sample the expression pedal often enough, so it always changes in steps, it goes from 0 to 4 to 12, and these jumps are audible. The unaltered sound at 0 is brighter and fuller than the altered sound, like there are richer harmonics, so the altered sound seems quieter and the step effect is even more pronounced. I imagine this is due to the algorithm [you do a Fourier transform, make changes to all the dominate frequencies, reverse the transform, but the other frequencies are dropped or ignored]. The altered sound has a digital glow when you listen closely.

I suspect that dedicated pitch-shifters would have more cpu time to use for sampling the expression pedal, but I haven't seen one where you can set the control range of the pedal, or set the detune to 1/3 of a step.

I have a Boss GT-001 and an expression pedal, I was able to set it up like this, [you should be able to do the same with the GT-100, GT-10 etc] and this isn't intuitive!: In MENU->CTL/EXP->EXP set the expression pedal function to Pedal Bend, then in MENU->CTL/EXP->ASSIGN1 set Source to EXP PDL, Mode to Moment, Category to Pedal Pitch Bend, Target to PDL POS, Min 0, Max to 40, which is about 1/3 of the way (then Assign to On). In the patch, turn PDL on, set the pitch to -1.

A few months ago I bought a Steinberger Synapse SS-2FTA for the couch. This is amber in colour, 25.5" scale, not a transcale one. Mostly I really like this guitar, the phenolic "bowling ball" fingerboard Gibson should be offering on everything. The recessed jack is an idea that should be commonly used.

The main issues I've had are that it wasn't meant for 11s, I still haven't brought the guitar up to pitch, I keep cranking on the truss rod expecting to hear a crack, it's almost there now, 1/2 step down and holding, the saddles need to shaved if I'm ever going to have the action where I want it, and it doesn't have a Bigsby. I had no idea Steinbergers came without tremolos.

The first thing I did was look into retrofitting a Steinberger Tremolo, but they don't fit this guitar. Then I imagined how you could add a Bigsby to it, but the more realistic options are the much maligned Gretsch Tone-Twister and the magic of modern pitch-shifting, maybe with a Bigsby arm attached to a pitch control wheel.

There's a guy named Rob Hinchliffe whose bio says he, "was involved developing a revolutionary clip-on vibrato." I emailed him, asked him if it was like the Gretsch Tone-Twister.

Does anyone know what type of screws the six Phillips screws are in the bottom of the Steinberger bridge? I assume they are wood screws holding the bridge in the cavity, but I'm too wussy to remove one.


I thought that's what the Digitech Wammy pedal was for.


I read up on the Whammy, you can set some of them to 2 pitches down, but that seems like it would be hard to be subtle enough. Have you tried it?


No. I just thought that's what it was for.

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