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Holy Blow of Mind: The Allman Bros ‘n’ Doc Fuse Everything


From the vaults...what a unique moment in time.

It's southern bluesrock jazz prog fusion, when two groups of masters find each other and with both mutual respect and passion uncover the indivisible connections among nearly every genre - the irreplaceable Johnny Carson presiding.

Too cool! Who knew?


Huge ears, tons of talent playing every or any mode with ease and style.

Thanks for posting this.


And clearly all loving it!


It's a late night sad state we find ourselves in today. Both Dave and Johnny had great bands and supported music. I can't stand when it isn't enough for Colbert to have a show but he has to sing with many of the bands, fingernail + chalkboard moment.


What year is this? Surprised to see a PRS in there....


That was badass! A house full of pros.


Good stuff. I once read something in which Dickey Betz said that Carson’s musicians were impressed with the Allman Brothers Band and that he took this as a big compliment.


That was some smokin sets right there. Dikie looked sober in both clips! And Doc, whew, who knew? It's funny cause my local tv oldies station is playing Carson at 10, I am surprised by how much I still enjoy it even though the topics are, well,topical. Late night now is about as humorous as soviet era womens weight lifting.


HUGE talent, thanks for the blast from the past

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