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Great Song By The Animals - “Inside Looking Out”


These guys obviously influenced and inspired The Doors.

Love the Ric and love the guitar riffs -


I wonder. The Doors formed in 1965 and released their first album late 66 I hear what you're saying though


Eric certainly influenced the hell out of me. He and Roy Orbison are my favorite vocalists of all time.


I distinctly recall seeing an interview with Robbie Krieger where he said the Animals were a reference for the Doors. I could swear that he was saying that to Eric Burdon but my recollection isn't as clear in this regard.


One of the greatest voices of all time! He's still doing great vocals. Check out Devil and Jesus from "Till Your River Runs Dry" and everything from the "Soul of Man" album. Good stuff.


One of the greatest voices of all time!

Absolutely. The Animals (along with the DC5 and the Raiders) remain my reference standards for hard-rocking mid-60s bands in a lineage that led to harder riff-based rock a few years later. The Animals probably had the best/most interesting material. Though they started (and in some ways remained) one of the many Brit bands purveying American R&B - and didn't write much of their own material - their most memorable songs to me ("Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," "We Gotta Get Out of This Place," "When I Was Young," "It's My Life," "Sky Pilot," "Sandoz") were all shot through with glimpses of a kind of yearning and struggle not at all typical in pop rock, or expected from such young players. Must have been Burdon mining a deep blues vein in his own nature - and details of his own biography.

I hadn't seen this performance: between the natty suits, the new Rics, and the B3 (!), we can see where some of the profits from "House of the Rising Sun" were invested!


they had been playing together on the road for a quite a while when Mickey Most took them on. He hired a recording studio and they did House of the rising sun at one take. As Mickey said we had hired the studio for a full hour so we carried on and recorded a complete LP. everything at one take.

says a lot for the modern cds that take 9 to 12 months to make.


Love me some Eric,any period. His War period and his newest stuff is really good. Check It out.


Love the Animals, man that drummer sat up HIGH!

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