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Great performance from Imelda May on Jools Holland


Imelda really knocks it out of the park with this one.



That's fantastic.

But her new song "Call me" does not really catch me. I hope the rest of the new album will be better.


Killer! I'd love to hear Imelda with the Brian Setzer Orchestra --- they could smoke on big band classics AND rockabilly together. And some jugalbandi with Darrel and Brian would be hella fun too!


Seemed like a major change of image to me.


Seemed like a major change of image to me.

– Dave_K

Band, too.


That's Jools' band, btw.

But it still hurts to see her without Darrel. Hope he'll get his album out finally and we all will see him on tour.


Me too, Sasha. They were one of my favorite couples I didn't really know. I know it's none of my business, but I feel like I do when a couple who's wedding I attended break up. I feel ripped off and I want my gravy boat back.


Tavo, I know you can't really mean that. Couples go their separate ways, changes happen. If Imelda had sung that song in her leopard print dress and had her old rockabilly hairdo would you still feel that way?

It's important to add that the band she was working with is not her own. These musicians work with Jules Holland, as in Jules Holland and His Big Band, and the Rhythym and Blues Orchestra.


Sorry, didn't mean to sound so defensive...but I just love her.


Imelda is just expanding her horizons. We all have to admit that rockabilly isn't a huge genre (and is probably getting smaller all of the time). Like Linda Ronstadt, she can do more than just one style of music.


To me Imelda never was Rockabilly. It was roots music inspired modern pop/rock with a fantastic guitarist who obviously loved classic R'n'R. That mixture made me love it. She's free to do whatever she wants and I'm free to either like it or not. I haven't decided yet, although I know I miss Darrel a lot.


She's just doing what she was doing before she hooked up with Darrell. She was part of Jools band years ago filling in for Ruby Turner.


Im with you deed. Imelda can do no wrong in my book.


I was lucky enough to go to the Telegram Ballroom tonite! I thought it was going to be Imelda playing mostly old songs and mixing in new ones here and there. Nope. She played her entire new album and called us the guinea pigs for it! She did about three or four old ones.

Man oh man, she looked great and sounded great! The songs were all over the place as far as genre and influence.... gospel, blues, some funk, folksy songs.... a couple of songs were meh but the rest were outstanding! Her voice makes the songs great

I have read the other posts about her new image and sound and here is what she had to say about some of your "concerns".... first of all she said she had no real plan for this album, she just wrote songs she felt like writing. As for rockabilly, she said that she "still loves it... it's the music that matters not a f...king haircut!"

Anyway I think she is great and this new album is worth getting

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