On the 'tube

Great Jump Blues Playing


Nicely done! You had my grandkids dancing!


Not me playing but wish I could play so well.

Not only the guitar but that 5 watt 47 amp is a tone monster.


Very cool - sounds like Bill Haley and the Comets! Also shows that a warm neck pickup and a hollowbody guitar are all you need for hot 50s jump blues.


Nice playing. I enjoyed it. Great shoes too.


The YouTube link says it's Michael Hattem. Nice playing! Octal tube amp helps a lot with the sound of a hollowbody.


Enjoyed that! Makes me want to shell out for a Nocturne Junior Barnyard hot preamp pedal...

I almost bought a V47 once. Cool little amps. Always LOVED their 1942 El Capitan...


Here's someone I stumbled across the other day, new to me: Alex Schultz

Solidbody with 2 humbuckers, still sounds oldschool....


Watching these will remind you of how bad you've let your chops get for sure... Good stuff.

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