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Good Ol’ Freda


Last night I watched a Comcast On-Demand movie (free!) called "Good Ol' Freda." a documentary about Freda Kelly, who served as secretary and president of the Beatles' fan club in Liverpool from before they made it big until they called it quits. Lots of fascinating stories, never-before-seen pics and film clips, plus interviews with members of other bands managed by Brian Epstein, Beatles family members and others. Freda comes across as a woman of amazing integrity and humility, who championed the Beatles' right to privacy in their personal lives above any financial gains or personal attention she could easily have realized from her connections.

Anyone with an interest in either the Beatles or the music scene in the mid-sixties will likely find it enjoyable, as I did. Check it out, yo!


It's really a very nice, informative and entertaining movie that I came across late night on German TV once. Ringo at the end seems a little bit out of place though. But that's probably just me.


I saw this documentary a few years ago and loved it. Freda was an amazing person indeed. And like you say, so pure and full of integrity. She was the perfect person in the right spot!


very entertaining flick.. with freda portrayed as quite a genuinely nice gal...motivated by the love of the music and the band more than anything else

a must watch for beatley types


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